Cortez McKinnon is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. From a very young age, Cortez was always focused on his music and did not have very many distractions in his life. His family has always been supportive of him and he keeps the family on his back at all times. In 2016, after linking up with internet music producer Blake Plaze, Cortez signed to Stereo Dream Records and re-mastered and re-released his hit mixtape “I’m Up Next” under the Stereo Dream label. While the mixtape was never released to major stores, it is has been a success on SoundCloud and DatPiff with over 10k streams. Cortez has often pointed out that situations have been just down-right tough in his city and so it is reflected in his music. “I was raised to hustle and get it every way possible – check me out.” – Cortez McKinnon

CORTEZ McKINNON / Vocals, Engineer, Producer
BLAKE PLAZE / Producer, Engineer, Distributor, Publisher
MARCUS MINOR / Management


Birth of a Legend
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Me Vs. Myself (Extended Edition)
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A Night To Remember (album)
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Goin Thru Alot (Single)
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Cortez McKinnon – Just a Minute (single)
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Cortez McKinnon – My Moment (album)
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Cortez McKinnon – I Remember Ft. YFM Corey
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Cortez McKinnon – The Things Unspoken (album)
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Cortez McKinnon – Drip Harder Ft. Treydoe
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